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The "stub" takes up the better part of an 8x10 sheet of paper. It looks nothing like a stub. I could have created this in Word. Complete waste of money.
Sally Romero
Fake,fake ,fake .
They say contact support, what joke they never respond
Sally Romero
Verified user
I tried contacting these people via their help support, they never responded, despite them telling you they'll respond 24 -48 hrs and they never do, now I'm requesting a refund also they're very expensive you can get better service online for $3.95 per stub ,DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE, THEY'RE SO FAKE!!!!!!
Jose Aguilar
Verified user
Everything was good
Chevonne Porter
Verified user
Still waiting for a response I want my money back it did not print out my name or company address. It's a whole mess.
Heather Wiseman
Verified user
Faulty flagged automatically
Keenan Stevens
Verified user
it was perfect!
Sabrina Walker
Verified user
Pay stubs printed out way to big and could not get them smaller. Looked fake and did not work.
Rachel R Rieser
None of the numbers added up ..even after fixing time my YTD was 38,000.00 when is it ever that even of a number with zero dollars and zero change.
The paystubs do not look official
I paid for two paystubs. They both came in the same document. The paystubs do not look official. Just horrible.
Lashawn Simmons
Verified user
Great service
B. Mitchell
Verified user
Great service and product! Pay stubs worked perfectly to use via electronically. Easy to input figures, change dates and simple to download on computer. Will use again!
Audria Brown
Verified user
The only thing is can someone get back with me to explain how we can change the dates on the application pay dates an need deals like if we get 2,3,4 stubs some kind of discount rate
Sheila Merritt
Verified user
The paystub came out printing landscape instead of portrait and printed the whole paper instead of a regular print out of a paystub $60 down the drain..very unsatisfied.
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