A payroll solution for small businesses
From Individual Pay Stubs to

Unlimited Payroll Documents

Manage your entire payroll from one unified place. Save hours each month instead of putting the pieces together manually.


Using this software has saved me serious hours. It now takes me 15 min every 2 weeks to calculate payroll for my employees.

Gerald Hindman
Home Renovation

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Automated payroll calculations

Automate payroll calculations, get unlimited pay stubs for your team

  • Add your employee details only once
  • Generate pay stubs any time, with ease
  • Wages, withholdings, and benefits calculated
  • Your business and team data in one secure place.
    Organize your business and team's sensitive data in one place with SSL encryption security.
  • Easy self-guided account set up.
    Set up your details once, and save hours on individual pay stub generation.
  • No surprises and anxiety during tax season.
    Calculate payroll taxes with confidence. Your team's W2 and 1099-NECs will be ready by the end of each year.

All the essential features your business needs

Prices start at $29.99/month only!


Calculate wages and payroll taxes

for salaried and hourly employees.

Save employee compensation & tax with holdings

For 100% accurate calculations every pay date.

Unlimited pay stubs and tax forms

For a monthly fee to cut down on cost.

Calculate employer taxes for your business

To stay compliant and avoid expensive fines.

Set payroll schedule

Automate your payroll to save time and effort.

Multiple work locations/addresses

For team members on the move.

Multiple hourly rates

For employees for quick calculations every pay date.

Auto-calculated W2 and 1099-NEC forms

Ready for you by the end of each year.

Payroll and tax reporting

Stay on top of what your business and employees pay.
One-time pay
stub generators

We've already helped over 3,700 small businesses save time and money!

Our tools handle repetitive tasks, letting owners focus on growing their business.

Home Healthcare
Cleaning & Janitorial
Trucking & Transport
Restaurants & Cafes
Gym & Fitness

Ditch time-consuming pay stub generators

Easily transform the way you manage payroll


Getting started with PayStubs is easy:


Create your account

It will take you less than one minute.


Set up your business profile

Set up your details only once and save hours on calculations and long form document creations.


Spend a few minutes every pay period

Now you can calmly focus on what really matters - your business. Calculate payroll in minutes.


Honestly, I wish I had this software years ago. The time it used to take me to calculate and run payroll is crazy. Best decision I've ever made!

Allison McDonald
Home Cleaning Services

It took 20 minutes from me to get set for running payroll. Followed the easy instructions along the way and got help from the support team when needed. Exactly what I need for my business now!

Briana Wilson
Home Healthcare

Using this software has saved me serious hours. It now takes me 15 min every 2 weeks to calculate payroll for my employees and share their paystubs.

Gerald Hindman
Home Renovation

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