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What is an online paystub generator?

An online paystub generator is a web-based tool that allows users to create and customize paystubs quickly and efficiently, typically for employment or record-keeping purposes.

Why should I use an online paystub generator?

Using an online paystub generator can save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency in the format and presentation of paystubs.

Who are we?

We're a dedicated team of local accountants. Our software solutions are crafted to aid small business owners and freelancers in generating stubs and managing their finances without the need for expensive, custom-made software. We provide quality services at affordable rates.

Is it legal to use an online paystub generator?

Yes, as long as you input accurate details, the generated paystub is considered legal. However, certain scenarios may require the paystub to be certified or signed by the represented company.

Are paystubs generated through your service considered legal documents?

If you ensure that the details entered are correct, then yes, the paystub is viewed as a legal document. Nonetheless, it's sometimes necessary for them to be certified or endorsed by the relevant company.

Do you provide a monthly subscription offer?

No, we don't offer a monthly subscription. We operate on a one-time payment basis for each generated paystub.

How do I create a paystub?

Input the necessary details – such as employee data, pay rate, and working hours – into the provided fields, and our tool will take care of the rest, generating a paystub tailored for you.

Can I customize the paystub template?

Certainly! Our platform offers a diverse selection of templates and customization options to cater to your specific needs. Find them here.

Why is Year to Date (YTD) featured on a paystub and its importance?

Year to Date (YTD) is crucial for understanding payroll dynamics. Employers utilize it to gauge their payroll expenditure, while employees rely on it for accurate tax reporting on their income tax return. With PayStubCreator, rest assured your YTD is calculated with precision.

I've made an error. Can I modify the paystub post-generation?

Absolutely. If alterations are needed for your paystub, connect with our Customer Service. They will help implement the changes and send over the revised stub promptly.

Are these paystubs suitable for formal uses such as loan applications?

Yes, they are. However, make sure all the data you provide is both correct and honest. It's advisable to check with the institution or agency you're submitting to for any specific criteria they may have.

How do I generate multiple stubs?

While on the salary information page, start by entering pay dates, with the most recent one first. When you choose the "Add Dates" option, our system will automatically populate earlier dates based on your specified pay cycle, moving backward in time. This tool ensures a simplified and precise process when inputting pay dates to form your stub.

Is it possible to include a direct deposit slip on my paystub?

Yes, you can. When filling out the details for your paystub, there's an option to incorporate a direct deposit slip.

Is it possible to add my company's logo to the paystub?

Absolutely! As you input your paystub information, there's a feature that allows you to upload and embed your company's logo.

How do I craft pay stubs for my employees using PayStubCreator?

Start by selecting "employee" as the employment status in the employee information section. Next, fill in crucial details like their salary. Our system will then handle the rest, auto-calculating all relevant state-specific deductions and contributions. This guarantees your employees receive accurate and timely pay stubs.

Are "paystub" and "paycheck" same documents?

Not quite. A paycheck refers to the physical check or direct deposit used to pay an employee. In contrast, a paystub provides a detailed record of an employee's earnings and any deductions for a specific period. While the paycheck acts as the "receipt" of payment, the paystub functions more like an "itemized invoice" of the employee's work during that time.

My YTD seems incorrect. What should I do?

Our system defaults to calculating the YTD starting from January 1st for every year. If you began your job on January 1st, 2023, then the stubs generated would be for your 15th and 16th paychecks. If your start date was different, please share either the exact hiring date or your paycheck count, and we'll adjust accordingly. If you already have the correct YTD amount, let us know, and we'll update it for you.

How do I access the paystubs created in the past?

One of the advantages of is hassle-free access to your previous paystubs. Should you need a past paystub, our customer support is here to help. Reach out, and we'll send a copy swiftly.

Is my data safeguarded?

Definitely. We employ advanced SSL/TLS encryption, backed by Let's Encrypt SSL, ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure.

Do you retain my paystub information post-generation?

Our commitment is to your privacy. We ensure that all data entered is deleted once you navigate away from the page.

What's the cost for generating a paystub?

Each stub is priced at $8.99.

How can I settle the payment?

We utilize PayPal for processing payments. You can transact via your PayPal account or opt for "Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card". This option facilitates payments through major credit cards without requiring a PayPal account. We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How do I request an invoice?

Reach out to our support team, and they'll swiftly provide you with the desired invoice.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Our service is geared to meet your detailed requirements. If, for any reason, our service falls short of your expectations, a full refund can be processed within 30 days of placing your order.

When I am not eligible for a refund?

We always strive to serve you best. However, refunds aren't given in the following cases:

  • Situations not covered in our refund policy.

  • Simple dislike of the pay stub's appearance.

  • Not requiring the stub after its creation.

  • Miscalculations or discrepancies you're unsure about.

  • Major modifications in primary pay stub details where editing isn't feasible.

I'm facing issues with payment or download. How can I resolve this?

You might find refreshing the webpage or clearing the browser cache helpful. If the problem persists, our support team is here to assist.

My paystub hasn't arrived in my inbox. What should be my course of action?

Initially, inspect your spam or junk mail folders. If the paystub isn't there, please get in touch with our support team. They'll swiftly resend the paystub to your preferred email.

Who can I reach out to for technical queries or concerns?

Our dedicated support staff is available round-the-clock. Use the "Contact Us" option to connect through Live Chat, Email, or Phone, choosing the avenue you find most convenient.

I'm having trouble printing my paystubs. What can I do?

Our provided PDF files are universally printer-friendly and adhere to the US Letter standard. They're accessible through any Adobe Acrobat Reader version. For the best printing experience, confirm your printer's paper size is set to 'Letter' and its scale to 'Default'.

My printed pay stubs overlap. What's the solution?

Overlapping print may result from choosing an inappropriate template. We recommend using the preview feature before finalizing your download. This helps you detect and correct any layout discrepancies to guarantee properly formatted printed stubs.

How do I obtain individual files for each paystub?

Once you're on the download screen, simply opt for the 'Separate Paystub Files' choice. This ensures each paystub gets downloaded as its distinct file.

Can I generate paystubs from past years?

Absolutely. Our platform facilitates the generation of paystubs stretching back to January 2014.

Are the generated paystubs in line with state-specific regulations?

Our templates are crafted to meet broad regulations, but we advise verifying with your state's unique requirements or seeking expert guidance.

Can these paystubs be used for formal processes like loan applications?

Yes, they can. However, always ensure the information you provide is accurate and truthful. It's also prudent to check with the concerned party or institution for their particular prerequisites.

What's the usual delivery timeframe?

Once your order is finalized and submitted, the documents are instantaneously dispatched to your email.

How will my paystubs be delivered to me?

You're in control. Opt for a single consolidated PDF file, with each pay date having its dedicated page, or receive a zip file, where each pay date has its distinct PDF upon extraction.

What if I need corrections post-order submission?

Reach out to us with the necessary corrections. Alternatively, you can generate a new stub and ask for a refund for the incorrect one. Refunds are processed if the error is evident and minor (like a date correction, not a complete name change).

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Each check stub pay period is considered as an independent order. For example, an order of a single pay period is sold for $8.99, while an order of 2 pay periods costs $17.98.

Can I edit my pay stubs once I've finalized my order?

Of course! If there’re any discrepancies or errors in your paystub after you've ordered, we're here to help amend them at no extra charge.

Which sections of my pay stub can I edit?

You're free to:

  • Address any typographical errors.
  • Alternate between lower and upper-case characters.
  • Opt for a different template.
  • Add or delete logos and contact details.
  • Rectify any computational errors.
  • Refresh details related to the company or employee.
  • Adjust the designated state for deductions, reschedule pay dates, and make other subtle tweaks.

Are there aspects of the pay stub I can't modify?

There are a few:

  • Full-scale changes to the names of employees or employers are not allowed.
  • You can't revamp the entire pay cycle or the full address details.
  • While minor adjustments to pay dates (like moving by a day) are feasible, the core numerical entries must stay intact.

What if my required change isn't covered above?

Feel free to contact our customer support! Our customer service team is available round-the-clock, whether through live chat, a phone conversation, or an email exchange. You can expect the modified stubs in your inbox in no time.

Is there a deadline for initiating edit requests?

Yes, modifications are entertained up to 30 days from the point of purchase.

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