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What Is A Pay Stub Template?

Let’s talk about the importance of having a pay stub template. A check stub template is one of the most prominent documents to have on hand. Imagine if you had to design a pay stub template every time you needed to show proof of income.

That would be tedious and time-consuming especially if you are a business owner who had to create 100 pay stub example documents for your 100 employees. Jeez! Here’s the best part, you’ve come to the right place to design your pay stub example in a professional manner and have a paycheck stub template ready to use in minutes! Using an executive, well produced paystub template also shows your dedication to quality. Let’s discuss the sample pay stub further.

The Different Types of Paycheck Stub Templates

Having a check stub template variety offers you a type of freedom. We understand the need for choice and grant you numerous quality options with our sample pay stub options. You can find out about the different ways that you can create a check stub template form below;

The Basic Paystub:

This type of template is the very basic one. No fancy designs or colors and no extra information is given out, just the necessary basics such as hours worked, pay period, gross and net earnings. Needless to mention, all federal and state taxes must be included and portrayed as deductions. This is usually a black and white type of check stub template.

The Spreadsheet Paystub:

Some individuals and companies prefer to use a spreadsheet when doing any form of calculations. Creating a sample paycheck stub is possible through a spreadsheet program. You can even spread out your headings in a horizontal manner to avoid unnecessary lines going down the page.

The Document Paystub:

Using a word processing software is another way to go. This check stubs template allows you to also edit, save, and reuse it as a structured pay stub example for later usage. By inserting a table, you can control and outline what was paid, deducted and the hours worked. You can even leave a dedicated space for notes.

The Vibrant Paystub:

Having the opportunity to spice up your pay stub template with some color is never a bad idea as long as it looks like a professional paycheck stub template. Always make sure that you are abiding by the state laws and have a paystub template that is compatible with all standard check papers. You might also want to find out more information on the different types of pay stub paper available.

Paystub preview A

The Electronic Paystub:

The most important aspect of an electronic pay stub is how easy it is to access it. Be it for a business owner, employee, or freelancer, a paperless pay stubs template must be easily accessible and easily stored. Do you research and list out some of the many easy online platforms that allow you to create payroll check template stubs like ours.

Real vs Fake Pay Stub Templates

There are many online service providers out there that allow you to fill out a blank pay stubs template but that does not mean that they are all legit! Do your homework, check the reviews, chat, or call the support team if possible. Do what is needed to ensure that you are creating a legible legitimate pay stub template that can be used as your proof of income for any circumstance.

In this digital age, you can never be too careful, scammers roam the realm. There are many companies or individuals that profit from selling fake sample pay stub documents to you by creating tempting pay stub example documents to lure you to purchase them and get you in trouble with the IRS.

Many individuals, however, do not seem to mind this illegal practice as long as they get what they want. They tend to provide fake information on a pay stub template for their proof of income to get a loan or an apartment that they want. In simple words, do not fall for this no matter how tempting or easy it is to use the paycheck stub template.

Presenting a fake pay stub template document will only get you in trouble. You could end up paying up to $1million in fines or even get jail time for this. Not worth it! Use a reliable pay stub template provider and spare yourself the trouble.

Designing The Perfect Paystub Template

So you’ve chosen a reliable online platform that offers real check stub templates. Before embarking on designing the perfect pay stub template, make sure you consider the below items so you can have a comprehensive paycheck stub template.
First off, collect all the data that you have so you do not miss out on any information. The more you provide the better for you. This makes you seem very transparent with the IRS when showing more information than needed on your pay stub template.

Your Company Information

Make sure you add in your company information, address, phone number, logo, owner name, and any other information you have on file.

Employee Information

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, make sure you include all necessary information in this section. Full name, address, contact details, id number if needed, and anything else you can provide to the IRS in this paycheck template.

Income Information

This is the critical part, make sure you have or have calculated this information accurately prior to filling up this part of the sample pay stub. Mention your net & gross pay and the payment period. Don’t forget to include deductions on your pay stub example.

Design Elements

Tax filing is dull as it is, but your pay stub template doesn’t have to be. A pay stub template can have a colorful logo or even colorful sides and lines. You can customize your paycheck template to suit your company colors and logo. You can also check out the pay stub templates available and begin filling it up. As a business owner, customizing and giving your paystub template some color can show your employees that you’ve got attention to brand and detail. For individuals filing, well, this is the fun DIY part of tax filing so make your paycheck template count!

If you are still somewhat confused on what should be included on your payroll check template, let’s understand exactly what a pay stub looks like and what information is considered a necessity on your check stub template. Moreover, by browsing through our website pages you will find a W2 generator that helps you create a W2 online, check it out, and make sure you have all your documents in order. Last but not least, be sure to check out the paystub generator tool that we built and get ready to streamline your payroll management system!

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