18 Jul, 2018

The Different Types Of Pay Stub Paper

The Different Types Of Pay Stub Paper
Written by: - Phil Baker

So much of our daily lives happens online now. This is especially true for businesses. E-commerce generates 1.2 million dollars in revenue online every 30 seconds.
And the customer-facing side of businesses aren't the only aspects of the business that have gone digital. Employee interfaces have also been digitized. Many people don't even receive their paychecks in paper-form anymore.
But some people, employers and employees alike, want to maintain a physical record of their pay stubs. If you're a like-minded employer looking for ways to deliver paychecks in paper-form, you'll need to know what kind of pay stub paper is available to you.

Types of Pay Stub Paper

There are a few different paper options you can utilize when deciding what you want to print your pay stubs on. Below are a select few.

Software-Friendly Stubs

This is a good option if you'd like to maintain a digital organization system for your paychecks, but want to make sure your employees receive physical receipts of their pay.
This type of paper is designed to be compatible with your electronic payroll software. This way, you can easily print out paychecks and other information with the click of a mouse. This type of paper is typically perforated, separating the check portion from the receipt or overview of your pay during a given period.

Business Checks

This type of paper is meant to be fraud-proof and difficult to duplicate. The checks printed on this type of paper will meet all of the security requirements of every major financial institution.
This paper is usually loaded with several security features like check-21 compliance, a VOID pantograph behind the endorsement section of the check, an anti-splice backer, patterned backgrounds, watermarks and more. If fraud protection is your main goal, this type of paper cannot be beaten.

Standard Printer Paper

At the end of the day, if you want to deliver your pay stubs to your employees in the most cost-effective way possible, you can't people normal printer paper. Your pay stubs won't come predesigned, or will any added embellishments like page perforation, but it's a simple, effective way to deliver a paycheck.
You'll have to create the format of the pay stub yourself, but if graphic design is not your forte, there are online services you can use that will give you a template to create your pay stubs.

The Bottom Line

Many people find that keeping a physical record of their paychecks helps them stay organized when tax season rolls around. By printing out our company's pay stubs, you are doing them a great service.
What type of pay stub paper you choose to use is ultimately dependent on what your needs and financial restraints are, but you can't go wrong with either of the above options.
If you'd like to create your own paystub, be sure to try our paystub creator today!

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