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Phil Baker - Author

One of our professional accountants that contributed in the development of our pay stub generation software. Phil's wide financial knowledge helps us stay up-to-date and provide correct stubs to our users.

Articles by Phil
Tax Relief In Disaster Situations
Hands up if the thought of natural disasters make you queasy? If...
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The Most Prolific W2 Scams Explained - And How to Avoid Them
Is your business vulnerable to W2 scams? Have you recently receiv...
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Pay Stub Abbreviations. Everything You Need to Know to Understand Your Pay Stub
Most people can look back on the day they received their first pa...
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Saving For The Future: IRS Increases Retirement Plan Contribution Limits For 401k In 2020
Do you have enough saved for retirement? Since 1985, the average...
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W2 Deadline: Late Filing Penalties Employers Can Avoid
As an employer, you have multiple tax deadlines. You pay sales ta...
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13 Things To Consider Before You Make A Career Change
Have you been thinking about a career change? Are you frustrated,...
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How To File Taxes For Freelancers
The way many young people work and make a living is changing. It&...
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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Pay off Your Tax Debt Quickly
Did you know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collected over $3...
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2019 Tax Changes: Steps to Take Now to Avoid a Tax Surprise
Are you ready for the 2019 tax changes? There are many reasons...
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How To Create A Paystub For An EFT Transfer
There are many struggles faced by small business owners. A smalle...
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