Phil Baker
Phil Baker - Author

One of our professional accountants that contributed in the development of our pay stub generation software. Phil's wide financial knowledge helps us stay up-to-date and provide correct stubs to our users.

Articles by Phil
Tax Assistance For Individuals With Disabilities
Tax Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities
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Where Does The Money Go? Understanding FICA, Social Security, And Medicare
Hands up if you’ve wondered about where your money goes aft...
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The Dos And Don'ts Of Using A Paystub Generator: Explained
There are more renters now than at any other time in United State...
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Doing Your Taxes: Can You Use Your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes?
More than a third of Americans file their own taxes, needless to...
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How to Protect Yourself Against The W-2 Phishing Scam
As if tax time isn't stressful enough, it also happens to be...
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What Should I Do If My Paycheck Stub Is Stolen?
Paystubs offer wonderful convenience to an employee. It's gre...
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Working For Tips? Here's How To Create Paystubs For Proof Of Employment And Other Documentation
Working For Tips? How To Create Paystubs For Proof Of Employment
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Navigating Tax Regulations: Charitable Donations
Reducing your tax liability during tax season is a huge priority....
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Can't Wait For Your Tax Refund? Here's How To File Taxes Without W2
Millions of people each year get behind on their taxes and end up...
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Payroll Made Easy: 7 Top Benefits Of Online Pay Stub Software
Paper checks have been in use since 1865, which makes them a rath...
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