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What is a PayStub?

A pay stub is a paper that comes with your paycheck. It shows your earnings and the deductions like taxes. Pay stubs are used by employees as proof of income, which is essential for various financial transactions such as applying for loans or renting an apartment. Want to see what they look like or make one yourself?

Check out our pay stub samples here.

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The process is straightforward and trouble-free. Fill the required information about the employee, employer, salary and pay period. The calculations will be done immediately, to have your paycheck stub ready to download and print.

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To help you keep record of your income, the generated stub is automatically e-mailed to you, once the preview phase is done. Our calculations are error-free, and the whole process takes you less than 2 minutes!

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The Pay Stub Generator & The Paystub Explained

All small businesses at one time or another struggle with time management. Do you, as a business owner, find yourself wondering about how to create paystubs quickly for your employees? Look no further than paystub creator.

Not only will your business be able to generate pay stubs on the go, but you can also print out or email them to your employees hassle-free. With guaranteed instant delivery, this tool has proven to be one of the top 10 essential must-haves for any business owner and HR worker. Let's start with the basics for your business.

What Is An Employee Paycheck Stub?

What a company calls a pay stub is also often referred to by other businesses as a paycheque, check stub, pay slip, or paycheck stub document. It is a document given by an employer to an employee for proof of income purposes. A pay stub lists employee information, salary details, taxes withheld as well as net pay in a given pay period to salaried workers.

The deductions from a pay stub, include money withheld by the company for state and federal taxes, FICA, and others.

A pay stub is an official document produced by a company to establish exactly how much money an employee or freelancer has made during a specific pay period. Employee check stubs can be issued in either printed or electronic format to get your stub instantly.

Creating pay stubs electronically is becoming a more popular option for businesses. Both the employer and the employee prefer the e-stub. Using a check stub maker has never been easier although your business needs to make sure that you are complying with your state and legal regulations and requirements.

Each state mandates different requirements for companies to generate a paystub. Check out the pay stub sample below for further clarification for your HR department.

a snippet of pay stubs under the name of john smith

Who Needs a Company Pay Stub?

It is vital for the employer as well as the employees to have Pay Stub documents saved or stored somewhere safe. A company seeking to create pay stubs would need to make sure they only use the best pay stub generator out there and avoid unnecessary legal troubles for their business.


Freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs do not usually have a steady income on hand and so would require to have pay stub documents with them for proof of income. It is recommended that they use an online check stub maker to keep track of their business earnings as well as the deductions on specific pay dates.


Employers may have anywhere from 2 to 200 employees or more. It is crucial for any company to keep a record of how much their employees and independent contractors are getting paid.

This comes especially handy during tax filing time or if an employee suspects a discrepancy in their pay stub documents. Your business also needs to make sure that they comply with the fair labor standards act.


Employees must always have pay stub documents to act as proof of income. Paycheck stubs are helpful for income verification instances as well as to determine if the amount of taxes are paid correctly. Not to mention, paystubs are always good to have when filling out tax forms. In the case that a pay stub document is not present, a W-2 form can be used to calculate the necessary information.

Why Is A Company Paystub Important?

Businesses need to keep in mind that under federal law, a company is not required to hand out pay stubs to its employees. However, there are several instances in an employee's day-to-day life where he/she will need to show company proof of income documents for income verification purposes.

Having business pay stubs helps individuals verify that their gross wages, withholdings & deductions are accurate. The calculation hassle can easily be solved with the help of a paystub creator to solve your business needs.

Employees and individuals will need to show proof of income or simply use their pay stubs for any of the below scenarios;

A Company Pay Stub For A Personal Loan:

If an employee is in need of getting a personal loan, some banks might request the most recent company pay stub. Others might ask for a month or two worth of pay stubs to make sure that they are employed and can repay the loan on time.

An Employee Pay Stub For Auto Loan:

The process of an employee applying for an auto loan is somewhat similar to taking out a personal loan, wherein banks need to make sure that the individual can pay the loan back. Depending on the amount the car will be financed at, they might require a certain figure per month to be made by the employee.

They ask to see the pay stub and verify the proof of income to make sure that the employee actually makes what he/she proclaims.


Employees must always have pay stub documents to act as proof of income. Paycheck stubs are helpful for income verification instances as well as to determine if the amount of taxes are paid correctly. Not to mention, paystubs are always good to have when filling out tax forms. In the case that a pay stub document is not present, a W-2 form can be used to calculate the necessary information.

A Company Pay Stub For Taxes:

Having company pay stubs on hand can make tax filing season much easier at the beginning of the year for both the employer as well as the employee. Pay stubs reflect just how much income was received by an employee and how much were the taxes paid. Pay stubs also stand as proof of certain benefits attained by the employee.

An Employee Pay Stub For Rent:

Landlords or real estate agents will often ask for employee pay stubs to make sure that the individual asking to rent, can afford timely payments without delay. Some complexes or rental agencies will require several weeks' worth of paystubs or pay stubs online. Find out more about how a renter can show proof of income or an employee can also create pay stubs online.

A Company Pay Stub For Business Related Accident Compensation:

In the unfortunate event that one of your company employees stumbles upon an accident while performing his/her job duties, paystubs come in handy here. If an employee files for compensation, then you need to look at their pay stub to understand their earnings and how much to compensate them.

If you still need more clarification on why a company paystub is important or what is the point of using a paystub generator for your company, simply check out this article.

How Long Shall I Keep My Company Pay Stubs?

a man in blue suit and purple tie shredding a paper with a shredding machine

As a general rule, it’s advisable for employees to hold on to their pay stubs for at least one year or until the yearly taxes are filed. Paycheck stubs help to reconcile the form W-2 and social security contributions. This aims to make sure that the correct amount is being paid in taxes.

Only then can employees or employers discard the accumulated paycheck stubs. Find out more about why and how long to keep your company check stubs for.

What Are The Numerous Business Abbreviations on An Employee Pay Stub?

Companies, take note. There are various short forms and accronyms that are present on an company pay stub. As an HR employee, it's important to understand and read a company pay stub rather quickly to tackle other business tasks and avoid additional stress during the tax filing season.

As a business bonus, here is a list of the most common codes and what they mean at a glance. You can also read the full article here to get a more holistic picture for your business.

  • FED TAX: Federal Income Tax Withheld
  • STATE TX: State Income Tax Withheld
  • MEDICARE: Federal Medicare Withheld
  • LIFE: Life insurance deductions
  • GROSS: Earning prior to deductions
  • YTD: This is the year-to-date code

This is a snapshot to help your business better understand helpful acronyms present on any company pay stub.

What Are The Different Ways A Company Can Issue A Pay Stub?

There are many ways an employee can receive company check stubs. Below are some of the most common ways to have proof of income.

Earnings Statement:

An earnings statement is a company paystub though it may not look identical, it serves the same purpose. Employees must always check to see if their state mandates the handing over of an earnings statement or not.

Direct Deposits:

This is quite an easy process. You do not have to trouble yourself or your employee with going to the bank to deposit a paycheck for your employees. All you need is your employee's salary and bank details and voila!

The paycheck gets deposited into their account. Your HR still needs to go over the paycheck stubs and to make sure they have correct and accurate information and figures.

Previous Employer:

If need be, the employee can always contact and receive their paystubs from a previous employer by simply emailing the previous HR person responsible and asking them what they need to do on their end to receive their old pay stub instantly.

The Paystub Generator: A Convenient Paystub Creator For Your Business

A paystub maker is quite possibly the best invention for any company or individual to date. Using a paystub generator can help your business create and keep track of your pay stub online.

Many Businesses claim that a check stub maker is more secure than receiving a pay stub by mail, as it eliminates the error and theft margin. A pay stub creator is an affordable and accurate way to prove income if none of the above methods prove fruitful. If you still need some convincing on using a paystub generator, here are some top benefits of using pay stubs online or simply try fill out a pay stub template today and get some bonus points with your business manager.

Creating online pay stub documents grants you the freedom to fill in current or previous company information, as long as it is accurate. This can immensely help contractors and individuals with side jobs and gigs to keep track of their side company dollars. A paystub creator enables you to maintain correct data and allows employees to get a comprehensive idea of their income situation and net pay.

However, as a company, you still need to be mindful of and maintain the do’s and don’ts of using a paystub generator. A paystub creator was designed with convenience in mind but the law comes above all.

These pay stubs online will assist you in creating your pay stubs in less than 2 minutes each! All your company needs to create a pay stub, is to use a pay stub template of their choice, and fill in the accurate details and the rest is proof of a good business decision.

Businesses: Beware of The Counterfeit Company Pay Stub!

How To Spot A Fake Pay Stub?

There are many pay stub generators out there that are fake, but how can your business really identify fake from real pay stubs in today's digital world? In a nutshell, real pay stubs are clear, concise, legible, and have accurate calculations.

Fake pay stubs on the other hand contain generic information with various spelling errors and numerous calculative mistakes, not to mention, the rigid way they are structured. Using a paystub generator to create fake paystubs can get you and your company in severe trouble with the IRS.

Hefty fines and jail time are not something you want your company to be associated with. Avoid getting penalized for making fake pay stubs! If you are in need of a paystub today, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place. Our paystub maker has helped thousands of individuals and companies to get their pay stubs. Try out our secure paystubs online and get your company pays stubs completed today!

Penalties Of A Fake Pay Stub

According to recent IRS reports, various incomes and pay stubs filed turned out to be fake, this caused the government to grind down on these companies and individuals. Creating a false document and sending it to the government already spells trouble for you and your company.

Individuals and companies attempting such endeavors need to beware. Itemized below are some of the many serious consequences you or your company could face.

  • The Business Credit Line You Asked For Would Be Declined
  • The Job At The Company Could Be At Stake
  • The Company's Reputation will Suffer
  • You Or Your Business Could Be Charged With Fraud Or Federal Felony
  • As an Individual,You Could Face Serious Penalties Of Up To 1 Million Dollars
  • Individuals and Businesses Involved Could Face Jail Time Of Up To 5 Years!

It is always recommended to stay away from illegitimate activity and fake pay stubs generator platforms. Always do thorough research, check the company reviews and the Trustpilot score. This way you can make sure that the pay stub generator platform that you chose for your business will not wreak havoc on you, and you will be in the clear from the IRS.

a corporate caucasian man carrying a huge boulder of stone that says irs on his back.

What Can A Company Gain From Utilizing a Pay Stub Generator?

Having the ability to create company pay stubs in minutes, has a ton of benefits. Businesses worldwide create pay stub documents on the go with the ease of mind that the pay stub documents will be generated correctly, neatly, and accurately for their employees.


Time is a gift that business owners relish. Using a legitimate and well-trusted online check stub maker allows business owners to rest assured that the pay stubs created are authentic. This saves them a ton of time that can be better spent elsewhere tackling other business tasks.

Accurate Calculations

Companies and HR workers specifically will benefit from accurate payroll records. This, not only applies to current employees, but previous ones, as well as any independent contractor, hired. It is a smart business decision to invest in an online check stub maker that allows you the convenience to create check stubs that are reliable and electronic. A pay stub generator creates pay stubs for your company that are business branded and ready in minutes.

Standardized File Formats

Any employee paystub generated can be saved, printed, or downloaded in any format. This option allows all company generated stubs to be standardized and neatly stored. What more could a business ask for from smart software.

Remote Payroll Operations Done Right With The Help Of The Pay Stub Generator!

Leverage the right technologies for your company

With today’s ever-evolving technology, your company can now fully embrace digital transformation for your entire payroll operations. Helpful tools range from tracking employee attendance through to the actual payment. Companies can now do almost everything virtually and remotely by investing in the right technologies. Essential tools to consider investing in are:

  • Payroll management solutions
  • Attendance tracking systems
  • HR software
  • Payment processing software

Another useful business tool to consider is the PayStubCreator. It provides employees with the ability to create a digital paycheck stub for each paycheck they receive. The generated stub gives them a better outlook into their salary details, gross wages, taxes withheld.

Producing pay stubs helps boost transparency within the organization. According to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, 78% of HR professionals believe that technological advances will make companies and their payroll teams as well as individuals more effective.

As businesses shift more towards remote work, it is high time they explore how technology can optimize remote payroll operations. The first step is to begin exploring generating pay stubs online.

Business Success Metrics

Whether you’re with a small business or a growing one looking to improve, these key payroll performance business metrics will help ensure company success. Your organization’s payroll process helps you allocate your resources correctly while utilizing the latest technologies all while fully supporting your employees. That’s a success in itself.

Number of Errors/Accuracy Rate

In any company, a payroll professional must account for a lot of variables to ensure accurate pay stubs among others are produced. Staying abreast of current tax laws is always encouraged to be able to handle payroll duties. Some things to look out for are mentioned below.

  • Differences in salary/payment types (employee earnings, hourly, commission, contractor pay, etc.)
  • Accurate time tracking for hourly and salaried employees
  • Tax and fee payments at every level (federal, state, county, municipal, etc)
  • Specific deductions to note (social security taxes, medicare taxes, etc)

To a company, when it comes to completing payroll duties, accuracy matters most. Finding any and every error and correcting them is time consuming and needs real patience. Every other payroll performance KPI depends on the accuracy of this data. That is why the best companies suggest using a pay stub generator software to ease such troubles.

Labor Expense

Matters involving cost, immediately alarm any business owner, especially startups and small businesses. However, adding total payroll expenses to the labor expenses provides a total of the company's people expenses.

It’s important to note that spending money on software that relieves some stress from the employees is never a bad idea even if it has a cost attached to it. After all, paying for software may be an expense that leads to a much larger ROI in speed and accuracy. Thankfully using the PayStubCreator pay stub generator software does not break the bank and is incredibly easy to use!

The Time to Produce Pay Stubs

If you are self-employed, or even have the best employees, one cannot guarantee error-free timely production of pay stubs. There must always be a human marginal error.

An employee takes time to manually update each pay stub form with the employee's pay details and company particulars all while including federal and state taxes among others. This is all without mentioning the manual editing later, in case of a discrepancy in the calculation.

Investing in a company software that reduces the time taken to create employee pay stubs is, simply put, every company's dream scenario.

Paystub Creator's Additional Company Benefits

Did you know that there are several uses for the company paystubs? In the unfortunate event that a paycheck stub gets misplaced or lost or even eaten by the company dog, step 1- don’t stress, step 2- read more about how to tackle this issue of lost or misplaced check stubs.

If for any reason you are unable to wait to resolve the issue of the missing document, file your tax returns anyway. Always try to file your individual or company tax returns by the set due dates regardless if all your documents are in order or not.

Use the most recent pay stub to file your taxes, this way you can avoid late fees and penalties. Individuals can use their previous check stubs to get the calculations they need to file their income tax and get the returns even faster!

If that’s still not an option, but you have the numbers and details with you then, it’s quite simple, just use a paystub maker to help you create your pay stubs online. All you really need to do is fill out a blank pay stubs template, with the employee information, verify your details and you've got yourself a paystub.

Just like that, you can create hundreds of pay stubs for your employees in record time. Join the thousands of satisfied customers today using our paystub maker tool. You can even browse through our site and choose to create a W2 form. We’ve got your tax document requirements and forms covered and the best part is the instant delivery and money back guarantee!

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