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Chacon Drakeford
Verified user
Professional look. Instant, easy, user friendly.
Melvin Reddick
Verified user
The paystub worked perfectly. It did just what I needed it to do and if I need any pay stubs in the future you will be my first stop
Christina Carrington
Verified user
I’ve used multiple stub sites before and this is by far the worst one!!! I took a screenshot of the “preview” and it was totally different from what was delivered to me!! The totals were completely off and the dates were backwards! After unsuccessfully reaching customer support due to a bad working 855 number, I was finally able to reach someone via chat. Long story short, the rep ended the chat session without rectifying the situation and I still haven’t received a corrected one. I will be disputing the charge with my bank!!! PEOPLE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND DONT USE THEIR SERVICES!!!
Deborah Mcneil
Verified user
The pay stubs came in totally illegible. The dates were all off and it was just awful!!
i submitted the paystubs for a auto loan and the YTD was way off. I was denied and after reaching out for help due to the request of two current paystubs i was i was told they would reach out to me within 24-48hrs. I need the paystubs correct. also how come they don't allow you to insert the hire date to make it more accurate. giving them a few hours to correct their wrongs or i will need a full refund
Unhappy Customer
I reached out to you all advising I was not able to download my paystub. I have yet to hear anything back from you all. I am already disputing this with PayPal because I paid for a service and I did not receive the Product and at this point I do not want it after waiting 3 days I want my money back.
Samir Khan
Verified user
The pay stub I made was deemed "invalid" definitely not worth the price, would not recommend
Christina Grey
Verified user
I couldn’t get the loan the could not verify
Not pleased at all. Wages I entered showed up incorrect. I would like a refund or else I will dispute the PayPal charge.
Gregory Newell
Verified user
Nice stubs! But the pay period dates are off...
Lynn Gonzales
Verified user
It was a just in time case
Thank you
Verified user
Looks great
Rita Carey
Verified user
Can't give review yet, they want another pay stub they said it doesn't register in system.
Earnest Walker
Verified user
It got the job done nice and easy
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