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Star Witherspoon
I have used this company so many times in the past with no issues but yesterday I learned that I was not a valued customer! I completed my stubs and noticed there was a slight error, I just needed an addition to be deleted from the two stubs. I tried to contact the so called “customer service” line and it went directly to voicemail , I sent several emails to the support time as well as chatted with a representative twice who assured me that the correction would be made and revised statements would be sent to me with 1-60 minutes ! Well here we are into another day , guess what NO REVISED STUBS RECEIVED but you best believe that still have my $15! No follow up email , no nothing and of course my stubs are still incorrect . I thought I was a valued customer but I learned yesterday that I’m not! I will no longer be doing business with this company . The phone number listed seems like a house phone as well because when you call it automatically goes to voicemail
Gina S
Verified user
Excellent !!!
Eugene Kyle
Verified user
I absolutely love it. I will definitely come back when needed
Victor Wang
very very fake and so many missing parts on w2. disappointed and request refund
Jeremy Paul
Verified user
Very very good every time I need the job done I will click on u guys link to do my work ...thank u so much
todd kaelin
Crap. Wish I’d not even paid. They say free. BS.
shawn johnson
paystubs not recieved
Keith Snowden
Verified user
Michael Greeb
Verified user
simple and fast
Jeannie Westmoreland
Verified user
Awesome job
Debright Pannell
Verified user
My paystubs didn't have the correct information on it. Plz help resolve this issue
This is an awesome program
Prompt. Totals should be corrected and the actual check numbers should fall in some type of sequence. I'd like to see the price reduced to 4.00 each.
April Ortiz
Verified user
I placed two orders totaling to $60 and could not use any of them because the agency I needed to prove my income to refused to accept them stating that “they look fake”. I’m extremely disappointed and dissatisfied and will be requesting a total refund.
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