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Ayla Pelton-cox
Verified user
The download was missing the name on it. I contacted customer service and they said they would get back to me in 48 hours when I needed the stubs this morning. Not happy.
Jamia Hoover
I was not pleased with the quality of the stubs. They did not look custom and professional. Simple format looked like I could have created myself.
Tyana Abney
Verified user
Just what I needed!
Valerie Gregory
Verified user
Received quickly and worked out well for purpose needed.
On time service.
Yvonne Owens
Verified user
Deductions aren't accurate A total waste of money Wasn't able to use paystub
Makala Dennis
Verified user
Pay stubs do not look real come blown up and customer services dose not respond back very disappointed
Jai E.
Verified user
So easy and professional looking.. appreciate the help...
C. Washington
Verified user
This was a pure rip off. Once the checkstubs printed they were not the correct size and looked like a basic WORD document!! Do not use I will use!!!Beware.
Kurt W.
Verified user
Simple to use, although you have to pay attention to the numbers and what options you choose. Regardless, I was able to complete it on my phone in 5 minutes, even checking and rechecking. For the people complaining about printing off, I'd suggest jpeg files for a single and multiple pdf for multi stub orders. It also helps if you know how to use a printer and edit pdfs, I'd imagine.
Roslyn Jean Baptiste
YTD on the medicare part is wrong it remain the same amount on all the check
Kevin Grego
Verified user
Nacosha Shedrick
Verified user
Pay check stubs ytd is wrong
Veronica Sanchez
Verified user
It did not work the current pay stub shows less money made than the previous 2-week pay. It also didn't show all the deduction them same on both paystubs.
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