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Not pleased at all. Wages I entered showed up incorrect. I would like a refund or else I will dispute the PayPal charge.
Gregory Newell
Verified user
Nice stubs! But the pay period dates are off...
Lynn Gonzales
Verified user
It was a just in time case
Thank you
Verified user
Looks great
Rita Carey
Verified user
Can't give review yet, they want another pay stub they said it doesn't register in system.
Earnest Walker
Verified user
It got the job done nice and easy
B. Smalls
The numbers were way off the rental apartment I was trying to get noticed instantly .. so I have to start all over !
Michael Johnson Jr
Verified user
Worked great
Samuel Dattola
Verified user
In the field of the pay stub that says "Pay to the order of" That field is populated with my address instead of my name
Carolann Bass
Verified user
The printing of the copies are not very sharp! This is a source of question - when I submitted - the information.
Eva Herrera
Verified user
worked perfect
Erika Wimbish
Verified user
Professional work.
Johann Canjura
Verified user
Quick and easy. Very awesome software!
Corderious Horton
Verified user
Awesome Job
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