17 Jan, 2023

18 Of The Best Under The Table Jobs For Direct Cash - What To Know

18 of the Best Under the Table Jobs for Direct Cash - What to Know
Written by: - Phil Baker

A bit of extra income is always a bonus, and under the table jobs are a great way to go about earning cash directly.

 If you are already working full or part-time, under the table jobs are the perfect way to supplement your regular income. 

But what exactly are under the table jobs, and what are some of the best when it comes to making that extra income? Keep reading to find out!


What Is an Under-the-Table Job?

This is a common phrase that refers to money that is made in an “off the record” manner in regard to the reporting of income made from the job. 

Under the table jobs are usually strictly paid with cash rather than with a paycheck, which means that there are no taxes associated and no social security money taken out of it.

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Risks of Under the Table Work

It is important to know the risks that come with under the table work before you consider undertaking them. 

You can be in a more vulnerable position with under the table work due to the working hours as well as inconsistency in terms of pay. 

You don't get any of the benefits that you normally would with a regular job either, nor can you effectively manage your taxes, which is why it is strongly recommended that under the table work is used purely as supplementary work. 

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18 Under the Table Jobs

All that being said, let's now take a look at eighteen of the best under the table jobs that are perfect for supporting your existing income

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  1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting revolves around taking care of people's pets when they are busy, and it is a great position for those who love animals as well as one that can be particularly lucrative if it becomes a frequent occurrence. 


  1. Pet Grooming

This is another great under the table job for those who love animals, but it requires more specific skills to do so, such as clipping nails and bathing. 

Under the table work is definitely possible when it comes to the basics of pet grooming.


  1. Dog Walking

Much like the other pet-related we have mentioned jobs, dog walking is also a profession that is well suited for under the table work. 

Again, this is an excellent job for animal lovers as well as those who have the time to get in a walk with the dogs during the day, such as those who work from home or those who work part-time. 

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  1. Babysitting

One of the most popular under the table jobs, babysitting, will usually involve immediate cash payment from the family that you are working for.

These jobs can pay well, but they usually involve working at unsociable hours, such as evenings and weekends. 

  1. Cleaning Work

Cleaning is also a lucrative under the table job, and it is one that you can pretty much start immediately. 

The work involved here covers the entire spectrum of cleaning, from vacuuming to dusting and beyond. 

hands in the middle

  1. House Sitting

The aforementioned pet sitting could also come under the house sitting category of under the table work, as both can easily be combined. 

House sitting can involve simply keeping things in order within the home, such as sorting the mail. 

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  1. Yard Work

This is another under the table job that could come under housesitting if you discuss it with the homeowner first, and it can involve simple tasks such as raking leaves or watering plants. 

If you have more professional skills in gardening or landscaping, this can include more advanced yard work. 


  1. Photography 

Budding photographers can begin to build on their portfolios with some under the table photography work, such as for weddings, families or for businesses. 


  1. Proofreading

You might find that you have a penchant for grammar and writing and if this is the case, then proofreading is definitely a viable option for under the table work.

This can include proofreading work for writers or academics.  


  1. House Painting

If painting is a special skill of yours, then you can always offer your services for direct cash, such as painting rooms in houses.  

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  1. Testing Websites

This is becoming increasing popular with the rise of technology and the Internet, and the pay isn't too bad either, usually charging around 10 dollars for every fifteen minutes of testing.


  1. DJ

If music is more of your thing, then offering your services as a DJ for occasions such as parties and wedding to make some direct cash. 


  1. Tutoring

Those who excel at various academic subjects can find work tutoring children for some direct cash, with popular tutoring subjects including writing, reading, the English language and math. 

  1. Selling Crafts

Setting up a stall at a crafts fair is a great way to make some direct cash, so this is definitely a viable option if you are the arts and crafts type. 


  1. Selling at Farmers Markets

Much like selling at crafts fairs, farmer’s markets are also a great way to sell your wares and make some cash. 


Some popular items to sell at a farmers market includes homegrown produce and homemade foods, such as jams and preserves. 


  1. Snow Shoveling

As well as being a chore that many dislike, snow shoveling is a service that is a necessity for many people who might need help with it, such as the elderly and the disabled. 

This a particularly lucrative under the table job for those living in areas where snow is common


  1. Personal Assistant 

There are always people willing to pay for someone to help them out with everyday chores, such as errands and grocery shopping. 


  1. Handy Work

If you are good with your hands, then offering your services for handy work such as repair work or general fixing jobs is a definite option as an under the table job. 


Final Thoughts

So there you have eighteen under-the-table jobs that are sure to make you some extra income as well as offer you a direct cash payment

As long as you are aware of the risks that come with under the table work and use it to simply enhance and supplement your income from a full or part-time job, then you are sure to reap the benefits of this kind of work. 

You can use services like our pay stub creator and others to ensure proper management of your work and personal finances without the two mixing.

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