30 Apr, 2018

How To Get Pay Stubs From Your Previous Employer

How To Get Pay Stubs From Your Previous Employer
Written by: - Phil Baker

So you've been at your new, higher-paying job for a month and would like to upgrade your wheels but the loan company needs a pay stub from your last job. Paystubs are equally important as tax returns.
Car loans, mortgage loans, new insurance policies, and rental companies all require pay stubs as proof of steady employment and income. Finding out how to get a copy of your pay stubs isn't as much of a hassle as it seems. Follow these resourceful ideas about how to get pay stubs from your old job.

Understand State Law on How to Get Pay Stubs

Laws are different state by state concerning payroll record keeping. In some states, employers are not required to give employees copies of their pay stub when they elect direct deposit. Other states mandate differently.
Employers may be required to issue copies of paystubs regardless of direct deposit and also keep records of pay stubs available upon request. Contact a labor representative in your state to find out current laws about how to get pay stubs from employers.

Human Resources

If you haven't deleted any contact information from your previous employer, call and ask to be directed to human resources. Speak to a human resources representative and ask about the paystub retrieval procedure.
Be clear about how many copies you need and the timeframe in which you need them. Most HR departments have a standard period of time in which they process administrative requests, including requests for pay stub copies.


Most human resources departments require employees--old and current--to fill out a formal request for a copy of a pay stub. This helps to keep a paper trail. Fill out the form in its entirety, following all instructions and providing any previous address and phone number you used while employed by the company.
Provide a current mailing address and phone number should you need to be contacted by HR for clarification. Some Employers use an outsourcing contractor outside of HR to request pay stub copies via phone or online. Request online instructions and get access to a computer. Print extra copies to keep for your records.


Employers are required to comply with state law. If, for some reason, your employer or former employer does not follow the requirements, contact your state's labor department, and file a complaint. Make sure you aren't requesting a pay stub that's too outdated, as some states only require employers to hold payroll records for a certain number of years.
Meanwhile, if your checks were directly deposited, you can request copies of bank statements from your bank until the pay stub matter is sorted through.

Be Clear On How To Get Pay Stubs

Obtaining a paystub from a previous employer shouldn't be a complex assignment. Inform yourself on the payroll laws that govern your employer and protect you. Contact your previous HR representative, submit a formal request, and wait out the process.
If the employer is not following up-to-date policy on issuing copies of pay stubs, contact your state labor professional and get help. If you'd like to make your own paystubs with the paystub generator in minutes, you're in the right place!

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