16 Jun, 2021

The Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Keep Your Employees' Morale High At Workplace

The Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Keep Your Employees' Morale High At Workplace
Written by: - Phil Baker

If your team has to work from home due to the pandemic then there are virtual team building activities during quarantine that will help with enhancing your team’s productivity and build desired relationships with other teammates. This way your team can achieve goals effectively and establish strong bonds among coworkers.
When you work on improving connections between your team members and focus on establishing better communication skills then you can see your team working more productively and actively.

Importance Of Virtual Team Building Activities 

As we discussed above, the role of virtual team-building activities for employees is to keep them engaged and productive at work. Such activities encourage remote employees to make crucial decisions and take part in important meetings with dedication. Hence, employees feel more comfortable when there is no miscommunication and work better in a collaborative facility.
Another significant factor about virtual team building activities is the learning part where remote workers get to know other colleagues, their interests, and whereabouts. This establishes a sense of association that can result in better productivity, work convenience, and workers’ retention. Virtual team-building activities can be of many types.
They are designed with special planning and thought-process so that they lead to higher human collaboration towards remote jobs. The feeling of staying connected will ensure better participation as one team. These digital team-building activities are the most effective strategy given COVID-19 when things are tough and unpredictable for both the company and employees.
Who doesn’t love games, right? Games are more fun when you are living a quarantined life. Virtual team building games during quarantine such as a virtual game night add fun and energy to the teammates. Playing games help you strengthen your energy levels and your team will be able to foster better ties, enhance communication and enjoy time to interact with other team members.
What else could be more fun and valuable than enjoying an interactive gaming experience during a hard time like quarantine

17 Best Digital Team Building Activities

A meeting should have a specific time, preferably 8% of the total time assigned for online team-building games and activities that are fun, relaxing, and add productivity. There are numerous forms of virtual team-building activities. These activities consist of online team games and activities not related to the job. You can add online fun games or icebreaker questions, trivial questions and the list goes on. 

1. Virtual Lunch Meetup

Lunch idea with colleagues is a productive option to strengthen bonds and result in higher productivity during online environment as well. It could consist of few colleagues joining together to have lunch and exchange updates of the whole week. One benefit of such activity is the get-together of remote workers associated with different departments that you do not regularly meet.
When people meet for lunch it becomes easier to share ideas, plan other important activities and focus on learning from each other.

2. Icebreaker Ideas

It is not always about knowing colleagues professionally but getting to know them on a personal level is also important. For that purpose, icebreaker activities play a great role. These activities usually start with some personal question, such as your favorite tv series, your favorite travel destination, when was the first time you went to a concert, etc.
New people start taking interest in other employees and want to learn more about them. For some, it is a great way to start a conversation when they would feel hesitant otherwise.

3. Online Book Meetups

Online book meetups help remote employees connect on a social level, interact in constructive thoughts, and exchange valuable ideas. You can discuss a book with the remote team and exchange your opinions and reviews, why you liked the book, or what you learned from it. It helps to enhance your communication ability and worker interaction. Moreover, learning is always fun and productive especially when it is about books.

4. Clue Murder Mystery

Clue Murder Mystery is an online team-building game that revolves around a mysterious murder. You have to figure out the cause behind Davidson’s murder. Your virtual team and you will have to do an online collaboration to investigate the murder.

5. Game Show Extravaganza

This team-building game called Game Show Extravaganza is interactive and fun which you can play with a virtual team remotely. It is a kind of trivial game that makes employees excited and they enjoy replying to continuous questions. The questions may vary from politics, sports, and culture, etc.

6. Code Break

This team-building is ideal for you in case your team enjoys mind games. Your team will have to solve puzzles, trivial questions, and riddles with their co-workers. It is an effective and fun way to make different groups compete with each other and play difficult brain games.

7. Team Pursuit

This is one of the digital team-building activities that help colleagues learn more about each other. It consists of several mental, physical, and challenge-based activities for employees. During these activities, you can polish your communication skills and explore other skills as well.

8. Online Office Games

This comprises a series of online games for remote teams, such as print-paper origami, Murder in Ancient Egypt, typing-speed race, etc. There are mystery games as well in which you have to decode complex problems and make puzzles.

9. Tiny Campfire

Tiny Campfire is an authentic online campfire for remote teams. It is an adventurous experience that includes icebreaker activities, contests, and horror stories about ghosts. This is the most popular and fun virtual campfire by far. As the activity is about to begin, your team arranges necessary things including matchsticks and candles. After the activity, the team can rejoice in good memories, great online worker interaction, and productive experience.

10. Tea Vs Coffee

Would you believe that Tea vs Coffee is a live event where you can enjoy delicious tea and coffee using real ingredients? Your teammates get different kinds of tea and coffee mix before the activity starts. You can not open the package or envelope to keep the surprise intact. On the event day, your team joins an online cafe. The cooperative barista exchanges stories, play online team-building games and manage a tasting event. This activity provides high interaction, fun, and a learning experience.

11. War Of The Wizards 

War of the Wizards is a 90-minute long activity that is the most popular and interactive virtual team-building game. This game consists of an RPG game mechanism, puzzles, escape rooms. The event goes live and also features a storytelling activity. The game is an ideal option for remote teams as it is unique, fun, and interactive. Besides, anyone with little knowledge can join this activity without RPG expertise. It caters to people with all interests and skill levels.

12. Spreadsheet Pixel Art 

Spreadsheet Pixel Art is fun yet learning activity for people who enjoy making complex spreadsheet formulas. It is a great tool for virtual team-building and you will enjoy using it if you have both artistic and intellectual skills. This innovative tool allows you to include a small code for replacing numbers with a color for the specific cell. Later you can paint the numbers with the help of those colors and make art from anything.

13. Blackout Truth or Dare

This game is kind of a Truth or Dare but you have to play it on Zoom. The team-building event starts as all the teammates open their cameras. The host of the activity shares a truth or dare with the players. They can either keep their cameras open to show they are ready to respond or switch off the camera to indicate they want to quit. 
Afterward, the host goes to other players for finishing the truth or dare tasks.

14. Virtual Werewolf (One of the Best Team Building Activities for Conference Calls)  

Virtual werewolf is another most popular digital team-building activity for conference calls. This game is about speaking, listening, and voting since you have to spend the night. Participants of the game assign activity of a werewolf, medic, villager, and seer. Werewolves eat, villagers do the voting and medics help save a participant. Whereas, seers can look into the other participant’s soul to identify their wolf role.
Afterward, the game manager informs about night falling, and then participants can shut their eyes. He tells the werewolves to get up, choose a victim as well asks the medic which player to save. The seer picks up on the player to identify. Then the game manager informs that the sun has come out and identifies if a villager became a wolf victim at the night.
The one whom the werewolves grab turns into a ghost and will be quiet for the rest of the game. The survivors can do the voting to remove anyone or leave the level. You can repeat the game until villagers or wolves are remaining.

15. Two Truths And One Lie

This is the most popular online team-building game for remote workers. You can play it on a conference call as it is Wi-Fi friendly. All players have two minutes to get ready for making two truths and one lie. You can tell a truth that you read and speak in Korean.  After each player completes sharing truths and one lie, the game goes exciting and becomes a good learning activity without you tracking the scorecard for this activity.

16. The Longest Word

This is a fast online activity that you can arrange on conference calls. You have to divide the participants into teams and ask them to tell the spelling of the longest word.  The team that guesses the right spelling will be the winner and can also make a double bet or not by telling the meaning of that word as well.

17. 21 Questions

This game doesn’t need any explaining, as you probably guessed what happens here. You ask 21 questions and the recipient has to answer them honestly. The questions can be any, as long as they’re appropriate. And yes, that means no awkward questions such ‘Why did you and Joe always used to leave for the storage room before work from home?’. 
21 questions may seem a lot, hence make sure to lower the questions to suit the time allocated to the team building activity. 


There are numerous advantages of virtual team-building activities for your organization. Such activities enable your team to develop a feeling of connectivity with other co-workers when they move to a virtual workspace. The virtual team-building activities also become important during tough times like quarantine.
These activities can be a great way to make strong bonds with the teammates, enhance communication and raise productivity levels. Such fun and learning team-building activities also encourage employees to get their morale high and build better relationships with the team members. These virtual and digital team-building activities are easily available in paid and free versions.
You can spend as much time as you want, however, the ideal time to spend on these activities is 8% of the total time of any team meeting. While it is true that remote teams do not experience real-time interaction that is beneficial for team bonding, however, there are several means to help them stay connected with each other. It is a common proven belief that the productivity level of a team is affected if they lack collaboration and connectivity.
Hence team must build a collaborative environment for workers and foster efficiency, morale, and interaction.
When a team is connected online, it gives them a feeling of closeness, trust, and value. The efficiency levels of workers increase and they contribute actively towards reaching common goals for the company. You can go through our list of Finance apps for you and your team’s better future. If you need to generate paystubs, be sure to check out the paystubs generator.

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