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The Pay Stub Generator & The Paystub Explained

Wondering about paystubs and the paystub creator? Well you’ve landed in the right place to understand all about pay stubs, their use and the paystub generator. A paystub, paycheque, check stub, or paycheck stub are all referring to the same thing. A pay stub is simply proof of income given by your employer.

It is a piece of paper that lists and itemizes your work hours, your wages/salary, as well as your deductions, YTD gross and YTD total. The deductions from your pay, include money withheld for federal and state taxes, FICA, and other deductions for your insurance. Not to mention retirement contribution, and any wage fees you owe. Let’s find out what a check stub maker is.

Your pay stub is an official document that allows you to see exactly what you’ve made during a set pay period with how much money has been deducted from you. Check stubs can come in either printed or electronic forms.

Electronic stubs are becoming more popular. Using a check stub maker has never been easier although you need to make sure you are complying with your state and legal regulations and requirements. Each state mandates different requirements to generate a paystub. If you’re wondering what does a pay stub look like, look no further!

a snippet of pay stubs under the name of john smith

Why Do I Need A Paystub?

Under federal law, it is not a requirement for an employer to give employees physical pay stubs. Well, it is no wonder then, that often when individuals get asked for their pay stubs they have nothing to show. There are several instances in your day to day life where you will need to show proof of income documents for verification purposes.

Pay stubs help individuals make sure that they are getting paid correctly and verify that their gross wages, withholdings & deductions were accurate. This hassle can be solved with the help of a paystub creator. However, be mindful, only with an authentic paystub creator can you get your pay stubs sorted out. Here’s the deal, you will need proof of income for the below scenarios.

Personal Loan:

If you find yourself in need of getting a personal loan, some banks might ask you for the most recent pay stub. Others might ask for a month or two worth of pay stubs to make sure that you can repay your loan.

Auto Loan:

Applying for an auto loan is somewhat similar to taking out a personal loan, wherein banks need to make sure you can pay the loan back. Depending on how much you’ll be financing for the car, they might require you to make a certain figure per month. They ask to see your proof of income to make sure that you actually make what you proclaim.


Having your pay stubs on hand, can make tax filing much easier at the beginning of the year as they show how much income you received and how much you paid in taxes. They also stand as proof that you had certain benefits. In case there is a discrepancy with your form W-2, then your pay stub should serve as proof for tax purposes.


You’ve found the perfect townhouse or apartment to move into, but there’s one little hiccup, the landlord needs proof of your income. Landlords or real estate agents will often ask for your pay stubs to make sure that you can afford to pay your rent. Some complexes or rental agencies will require several weeks worth of paystubs. They are specifically interested in how much you’ve made thus far. Find out more about how a renter can show proof of income.

Accident Compensation:

If you stumble upon an unfortunate accident that hinders your opportunity to work, surprisingly, your paystubs come in handy here as well. If you file for compensation benefits, then you need to prove how much you were earning and how much you should have been earning had it not been for this unfortunate incident.

If you still need more clarification on why you need paystubs or what is the point of using a paystub generator, simply check out this article.

The Paystubs To Keep or Not to Keep

a man in blue suit and purple tie shredding a paper with a shredding machine

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to hold on to your pay stubs for at least one year. When you do your yearly taxes, paycheck stubs help to reconcile your form W-2 and social security contributions. This helps make sure that you are paying the correct amount in taxes. Once you have paid them, your tax returns will serve as an accurate record of how much you made that particular year. You should then hold on to these documents, and you can discard the accumulated paycheck stubs. Find out more about why and how long to keep your check stubs for.

Pay Stub Abbreviations

Making sense of the many abbreviations on your paystub can be tedious work. However, abbreviation importance depends a lot on your career path. Early on in your career, you’ll likely only care about how much gets taken out of your pay stubs in taxes. The further you progress in your career and the more you earn, the other acronyms become more important as you start to worry about retirement. Having children will also make you want to lower any further income deductions. Let’s further break down the paystubs deduction codes to understand this further.

The amount taken out will differ based on each individual’s tax situation and W4 status . Some withdrawals are taken out prior to standard tax deductions while others include the 401K and any insurance or retirement subtractions. Federal Income Tax, Medicaid, and Social Security taxes are removed from each paycheck automatically. To help you out, here is a list of the most common deduction codes and what they mean at a glance, and you can also read the full article here to get a more holistic picture.

  • FED TAX: Federal Income Tax Withheld
  • STATE TX: State Income Tax Withheld
  • MEDICARE: Federal Medicare Withheld
  • LIFE: Life insurance deductions
  • GROSS: Earning prior to deductions
  • YTD: This is the year-to-date code

Getting Your Paystub

There are many ways to receive your check stubs. Below are some of the most common ways you can have your proof of income.

Previous Employer:

As daunting as that sounds, contacting and getting your paystubs from your previous employer is a pretty straightforward task that you should not worry about. Simply email your previous HR person responsible and ask them what you need to do on your end to get your previous pay stubs. You need to find out how to get pay stubs based on the state you are in. Some states require pay stubs to be given out in hardcopy while others are more lenient.

Earnings Statement:

Most people don’t know this but an earnings statement is pretty much a paystub though it may not look identical, it serves the same purpose. First off, double-check if your state mandates the handing over of an earnings statement or not. If so, you are in luck, contact your previous employer, it could simply be a mistake or you might need to contact the state labor department if things get a little muddy. After all, you are only asking for the paycheck stub that’s rightfully yours. You can also get your paystubs today with our reliable paystub creator.

Direct Depositors:

This is quite an easy process. You do not have to trouble yourself with going to the bank to deposit a check or wait for your paycheck to come in the mailbox. All you need to do is supply your employer with your bank details and voila! Your paycheck gets deposited into your account. You still need to go over it though to make sure it has correct and accurate figures.

The Paystub Generator: A Convenient Check Stub Maker

A paystub maker is quite possibly the best invention to date. Using a paystub generator can help you create and keep track of your pay stubs online. Some say that a check stub maker is more secure than receiving your pay stub by mail, as it eliminates the error and theft margin. A pay stub creator, simply put, is one of the most affordable and accurate ways to prove your income if none of the above methods prove fruitful. If you still need some convincing on using a paystub generator, here are some top benefits of using pay stubs online.

To create a pay stub means the freedom to fill in information even from your side jobs and gigs. A paystub creator allows you to maintain correct figures and you get a comprehensive idea of your income situation. However, you still need to be mindful of, and maintain the do’s and don’ts of using a paystub generator. A paystub creator was designed with convenience in mind but the law comes above all. These pay stubs online will assist you in creating your pay stubs in less than 2 minutes!

Beware The Fake Stub! Real Vs Fake Pay Stubs

There are many pay stub generators out there that are fake, but how can you really identify fake from real pay stubs in this digital world? In a nutshell, real pay stubs are clear, concise, legible, and have accurate calculations but more on how to decipher real pay stubs online in the article mentioned above.

Fake pay stubs on the other hand contain generic information with various spelling errors and numerous calculative mistakes, not to mention, the rigid way it is structured. Using a paystub generator to create fake paystubs can get you in severe trouble with the IRS. Hefty fines and jail time is not something you want to toy with. Avoid getting penalized for making fake pay stubs! If you are in need of a paystub today, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place. Our paystub maker has helped thousands of individuals get their dream home or perfect car. Try out our secure paystubs online and get your proof of income today!

a corporate caucasian man carrying a huge boulder of stone that says irs on his back.

That’s Good To Know

Did you know that you can also use a paystub generator to create a pay stub for a pay stub for independent contractors or freelancers? As a matter of fact, you can gauge all the benefits of a paystub maker to suit your needs and even fill out the income you get from those side gigs, tips and freelance positions. Find out more about creating pay stubs online for these scenarios. This is just one way to earn good favor with the IRS. - Your welcome!

Did you know that there are several uses for your paystubs? In the unfortunate event that your paycheck stub gets misplaced or lost or eaten by your dog, step 1- don’t stress, step 2- read more about how to tackle this issue of lost or misplaced check stubs. If for any reason you are unable to wait to resolve the issue of the missing document, file anyway. Yes you read that right, always try to file your tax returns by the set due dates regardless if all your documents are in order or not.

Here’s a little trick you can use. Use your last pay stub to file your taxes, this way you can avoid late fees and penalties. You can use your previous check stubs to get the calculations you need to file your taxes and get those returns even faster! That’s still not an option, but you have the numbers and details with you? Well, it’s quite simple then, just use a paystub maker to help you create your pay stubs online. All you need to do is fill out a blank pay stubs template, check your details and voila you’ve used a check stub maker to create your very own pay stub online. Join the thousands of satisfied customers today. You can even browse through our site and choose to create a W2 form. We’ve got your tax documents covered!