28 Jul, 2021

How To Budget Wisely With The Assistance Of Budget Apps

How To Budget Wisely With The Assistance of Budget Apps
Written by: - Phil Baker

These are the top 8 best budget app for couples:

  1. Twine Savings App

  2. Personal Capital

  3. PocketGuard

  4. Betterment

  5. Mint

  6. HoneyFi

  7. HomeBudget

  8. EveryDollar

We are all living in times when spending money and running out of it seems way simpler and quicker than saving and investing it wisely. If there is one thing that most couples struggle with, it's financial management. We understand how hard it can get to track your finances together with lives as busy as we have.
Hence, we decided to share with you, your options for the best budget app for couples that will surely change your and your partners’ finance planning game in no time. All you need is a working smartphone, and you can benefit from these apps anywhere. We do not intend to keep you waiting so you can get to know the best free budget app to suit your needs. However, before we move ahead, here is a little advice. 
Make sure that you only pick those apps from the options shared below that you understand the best. Also, be consistent in your use of these and you will surely ace your finances. So, without further ado, let’s see which of these best budget apps for couples you like.

Twine Savings App – World’s Famous App For Those Who Love To Twin At Life

Love birds often love to wear twinning clothes and accessories. You might also love it when you twin with your partner no matter how minor that twinning item is. It is about time you two also ace those twinning goals in your financial management. This is something very easily possible with Twine Savings App.
If you have been on this quest of finding the best budget app for couples, you might have come across this one already. If you have seen or heard of Twine Savings but ignored it then, this is your sign to download this one right away and give it a chance to serve your expenses and money tracking needs well. This is surely the best budget app for iPhone users in so many ways.
An app with an interesting interface and many great features, Twine lets you and your partners collaborate virtually as you both set monetary goals for each other. If you and your better half have different accounts, this app will let you both transfer money to your joint account so you can together save the dedicated amount while keeping a check on each other’s expenses.
Whatever you save in your joint account, can be invested in a new car, apartment, your wedding, or a vacation. All you have to make sure is to keep using the app regularly and use it as your main medium of tracking your progress.

Personal Capital – Another Famous Best Free Budget App

While we can easily trust Twine with our eyes closed and are sure that many of our readers would love it, we still think you better use multiple great options before sticking to one. Hence, we bring to you Personal Capital – an app that runs without any glitch on most devices and comes with so many great features too.
If you ask us, we think there is nothing better than being able to see a complete picture of your finances and how you are managing them especially when you are trying to save up. This app makes it very easy for you to track where you went wrong in your finance management in a given time and what steps were good for you to reach your saving goals.
Within seconds, this app brings to you every detail you ever needed about your finances, bank account, credit cards, as well as about any other place or account you have invested in. You and your partner can use this app and the reports it generates for you to monitor and track your expenses and check whether or not your way of managing your finances will take you to your goals.
What’s more, is that you can see both your individual as well as your joint account and include your separate retirement in this app’s reports too. As for our favorite tool of this app, we loved the free tool that helps us analyze the fee that we pay in lieu of a retirement savings account and helps us find the most suitable way to invest for our life post-retirement.

PocketGuard - Best Budget App For Couples With Advanced Finance Management Skills

If you and your partner want to move forward in your financial management and need something other than a basic app pulling out your account details for you, PocketGuard might become your guard and savior. This app comes with an advanced categorization feature that lets you keep an eye on where your money goes. 
The same feature also tells you where your bank account is investing without bringing you back any benefit or, in other words, where you are unknowingly spending for unused subscriptions. PocketGuard has deeper access to all your finance-related information and can, therefore, guide you on where you are spending extra and how you can reduce your expenditures for more savings. 
The app also lets you get a personalized budget based on your needs and your specific spending and billing expenses each month. With so many amazing features, easy to use interface, and access to custom services, PocketGuard is surely the best budget app for users all around the web.

Betterment – A Simple Joint Saving Solution For Couples

Are you looking forward to saving up with your loved one in an account you both have access to? Well, you can use Betterment for this purpose and a number of other reasons. This app is more like a virtual advisor that lets you transfer your money from separate accounts to a single savings account. Moreover, this app can provide you with a wider perspective on your financial status at a given point by showing you the details of all your accounts, how you are spending from those, and most importantly where are you spending all your money.
Moreover, the app lets you talk to a financial planner or expert while availing yourself of the marriage planning package. The experts can help you set perfect saving goals and achieve them in the best possible way. Overall, an easy-to-use app with a refreshing and productive feel, Betterment is surely going to serve you what it has in its name. With so much to offer, the app has all the right reasons to be featured as the best budget planner on this list. 

Mint – A Free and Efficient App For Couples

Surely one of the best free financing apps for couples available today, Mint’s magic begins when you connect all your bank accounts to your account with mint. The app then brings out all your transaction and balance details for you every time you want it to. The app also categorizes whatever you spend in different categories so it is easier for you two to see where most of your money goes and where you can cut down on expenses.
Whether you two have your assets combined or separate, this app can pull out your joint account details in one place so you both can have a clearer picture of where you financially stand. Moreover, you both can set your alert preferences depending on what you think is important to you. You both can keep these alerts as your means to talk about your finances in a more productive manner at the end of the day too.

HoneyFi - Best Budget App For Couples With Very Specific Needs

Don’t like what every other best budget app for iPhone or Android has to offer? Do you feel like it is too generic for your financial goals? Well, here is an app that can cater to you in a way you like the most. HoneyFi is not like any other couple financial management app on app stores. Rather, it comes with features that can work exceptionally well for you if you have very specific needs and demands when it comes to money-related matters.
Basically, the app starts working for you by asking you a couple of questions centering on your financial status and how you two manage your budget together. It then works in a way that is in relation to how you answered the questions. You can set some alerts to be notified of the transactions both you and your partner make and can, hence get a better idea of how you are spending and where you should not be spending at all.
Oh, and we love the app’s inbuilt messaging feature, saving us of the hassle that comes with sending each other warning messages when any of us makes an unnecessary expenditure. The best part, you can comment on each transaction report to ask your partner about why they made it without being too nosey or needing to have an argument.
To sum up, we can refer to HoneyFi as the best budget app for couples who are a bit short-tempered and always end up arguing whenever it comes to talking about money and savings.

HomeBudget – Best Budgeting App For Your Entire Family

Do you and your partner suck at budgeting each month even when having a grip on your expenses? Well, this could be because your way of budgeting is not fun and bores you to such an extent that you end up having it ruined. Guess there is about time we put a full stop to your budgeting-related arguments and help you make it easier.
As its name might have suggested to you already, Home Budget is an app that lets you, your partner, and other earning members of the family are on the same page and have fun while making your budget for whatever time duration you find it better. You all can download the app and can sync your bank account with it across devices. The app lets you see the exact amount you have to budget and how you all are spending it in different categories.
You can even manage your utility bills and rentals while keeping one another updated about these through this app. We love how this app works for homes with teenagers who don’t earn too much. You can invite your kids to see your budgeting and its management and take notes of it for future reference. This lets them learn about financial management and they will be better able to make sense of their expenses from an early age.
Isn’t that a win-win situation in all ways? 

EveryDollar – Best Finance Managing App For Beginners

New to finance management? Well, we would like to warmly welcome you to adulthood. Let us tell you, it is a scary ride with so many bumps so you better stay prepared all the time. Speaking of being prepared, EveryDollar can help you ace your finances from the very beginning alongside your partner as both of you build for yourselves, a secure life together.
The app can keep you and your partner in touch when it comes to spending and grouping your items in budgets. You both can see your financial status as well your expenses and, based on the idea you get from there, can design a comprehensive saving goal for yourselves. We think you would probably love this app’s local providers feature.
Using it, you can track financial management experts near you and can contact them to guide you two about managing your expenses and setting realistic saving goals. Here is a little tip, if you both run a business, don’t ever let your personal finances merge with your official ones. You can use services like the paystubs creator and others to ensure proper management of your work and personal finances without the two mixing.
Be sure to check out how you might earn passive income so you can save more money and utilize your budget app to the fullest!

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